Learn How To Unleash the Power of Social Marketing In Todays World!

Are you ready to finally get the UPPER HAND in all your Social Media Marketing efforts? 



Social Media Marketing Is Dead

To A lot Of Marketers...


...because it is just too complicated. The learning curve is just too much, and it is so easy to go in the wrong direction. When you combine that with the difficulty of finding the right audience that will buy from you, it is almost next to impossible unless you know the secrets.


You Want To Get More Traffic, Build A Buyers List, Get More Sales,
And Grow Your Business..


Your about to learn a wealth of information that will open your eyes and be a great help for you to increase your leads, conversions and profits with a lot less effort.

Social media gives you a direct pipeline to reach your customers and easily generate consistent profits... without draining your bank account and with practically no startup cost.

A well-designed social marketing campaign will allow you to find new customers, keep your buyers engaged and stand out from your competitors.

You'll learn how to turn your social media accounts into instant traffic and profits.

Remember: It's a world market! Not just your friends and family. 




Social Media Marketing Is Real And Viable,

And Is An Absolute Necessity For Your Online Success!



Quite Simply: If You're Not Using Social Media To Build Your Business,

You Are Leaving A Lot Of Money On The Table. In A Few Short Months

You Could Be Left Behind  (If Not Yet!)


Now if you're having a tough time finding new customers...

Or keeping your current database of buyers engaged and interested...

Or standing out from the rest of your competitors and other me-too marketers...

... Then this might just be the missing puzzle.

And what if I tell you, it doesn't have to always to be like this?

Until now that is.

Because I am about to show you how you can instantly 'modernize'

your business and give it the presence it deserves.

While most people casually use social media for rewardless

debates and spending idle time...

I'm going to show you how to turn your social media accounts

into an instant ATM!

(And even if you don't have a business yet? That's okay,

because THIS is a business in itself...)


Introducing "Social Marketing Genesis"

Social Marketing Genesis is an in-depth series of courses on how you - or anyone - can use some of the most popular social media sites to finally:

Get more traffic to your offer

Build your list

Generate real buyer leads,

and Get you sales



This isn't some 'theoretical' stuff -

These training courses are a comprehensive series of lessons

teaching you all the important elements of creating and launching

profitable social media marketing campaigns without any expensive cost.


Unlike most courses out there that cover just one method or

one social media platform... 

This complete training blueprint covers FIVE!...



A complete overview course on Social Media Marketing to finally get you on your road to success.


That's a total of Six courses...


Here Is Why You Want And Need This!

A lot of marketers have all sorts of wrong ideas about social media marketing.
Some think that you only need to post "viral content" to get tons of traffic overnight.
They actually believe that if you are able to pump that much traffic to your target website, a large chunk of those people would buy whatever it is you are selling.
Maybe you're selling services, maybe you're selling digital products, or maybe you are selling products from an online store, it doesn't matter.
According to this idea, you just need to have a lot of traffic, courtesy of viral content on social media, and you will get the conversions you're looking for
There is an assumption that social traffic, regardless of which platform it comes from and regardless of how you qualify that traffic, converts to sales readily.
Sadly, none of these assumptions are true. In fact, all of them are tragically mistaken.



That's why I put together "Social Marketing Genesis"


A New Beginning In Todays Market!

If you ever bought a similar training course like this, you will find that they are hard to digest. You need to take time to catch the hints and probably need to go through it a few times to get the whole idea, assuming it's ever presented in the first place.
There are all kind of hassles and difficulties when first starting out. Since I understand this could be hard for you, I have tried to eliminate them all and give you a simple and better way to digest the content without difficulty.
Social Marketing Genesis is not just a bunch of alleged theories and assumptions. In fact, the methods and approaches are tested by many to be effective to launch profitable social marketing campaigns.
Follow these courses and you will be able to generate profits just as many marketers have.
To help you escape from financial burden, to enjoy your life, to do the things you've only dreamed of!
Once you understand these concepts, you will be able to do it in no time!

Here Is What Is Included

When You Get Started Today...

Course1 - A Successful Social Marketing Overview

This is a 15 Module overview course. In this course, you'll discover the methods and techniques to setting yourself up for success on the top social media platforms!




This course aims to show you how to be successful in each platform you choose

Utilizing methods that keep you ahead of the competition in todays marketing.



Some of the things you will learn in this course


A Very Intense Introduction to Social Media Marketing


Module 1: What Social Media Marketing is and What it Isn't
Module 2: 8 Reasons Why You Need to Do Social Media Marketing
Module 3: You Need to Modify Your Social Marketing Campaigns Based on Your Online Business Type
Module 4: The Classic Way to Do Social Media Marketing and Why it is a Waste of Your Time
Module 5: 10 Steps to Faster and Easier Modern Social Media Marketing
Module 6: How to Do Niche Research and Targeting the Right Way
Module 7: Content Curation: Your secret Social Media Marketing Weapon
Module 8: Reverse Engineer Your Competitors' Top Content
Module 9: Fine Tune Your Payload Content
Module 10: Market Your List Right
Module 11: Unlock the Power of Repurposed Content
Module 12: Use Automatic Content Sharing
Module 13: Scale Up Your Targeting
Module 14: Sell to Your List Differently
Module 15: Reinvest Your Profits the Right Way


This is the one course that will finally give you the insight you need to be a success with social marketing and get you where you want to be in your business!


Course2 - Facebook Marketing


Now you too can take your business

to the next level with

the best use of

Facebook Marketing...




  • Drive Laser Targeted Social Traffic On Your Offers
  • Increase Customer Engagement and Boost Brand Loyalty
  • Precisely Reach Your Targeted Audience
  • Get Higher ROI From Your Efforts
  • Boost Leads, Sales & Profits Instantly
  • Get Best Results in a Cost Effective Manner

This is a 20 module course and includes this and more in the lessons:


Section 1: Facebook Marketing Basics

Module1: What Is Facebook All About?
Module 2: What Is Facebook Marketing?
Module 3: How Can Facebook Marketing Help Your Business?
Module 4: Shocking Facebook Marketing Facts To Consider

Section 2: Facebook Marketing in 2018 and Beyond- Step by Step

Module 5: Facebook Walkthrough
Module 6: Creating A Facebook Page for Marketing
Module 7: Creating And Promoting A Facebook Page Post
Module 8: The Facebook Ads Manager
Module 9: Creating Your First Facebook Ad Campaign
Module 10: Creating A Lead Generation Campaign On Facebook

Section 3: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies

Module 11: Using Facebook Live For Marketing
Module 12: Creating A Facebook Remarketing Pixel
Module 13: Creating A Custom Audience
Module 14: Creating A Facebook Remarketing Campaign
Module 15: Facebook Marketing Strategies That Convert Today
Module 16: Crazy Simple Tricks To Boost Your Organic Reach

Section 4: Additional Tips to consider

Module 17: Do's And Don'ts
Module 18: Premium Tools And Services To Consider
Module 19: Shocking Case Studies
Module 20: Frequently Asked Questions

 Now you don’t have to worry about the complexities and high cost involved in mastering Facebook Marketing. This revolutionary blueprint takes you by the hand and moves you safely through the complete process fast and easy.

Course 3- YouTube Marketing

 Use The World's No.1 Video Marketing

Use The World's No.1 Video Marketing

Platform and Boost Your Profits by

Driving Tons of Targeted Visitors to Any

Offer in Any Niche with YouTube



  • Drive more subscribers for your offers

  • Get your videos ranked higher on search engines

  • Attract high converting traffic that converts readily

  • Increase your website visits in no time

  • Interact with potential customers more effectively

This Is A 20 Module Course:


Section 1: YouTube Marketing Basics


Module 1: What is YouTube all about?
Module 2: What YouTube can do for your business?
Module 3: Shocking YouTube marketing facts to consider


Section 2: Marketing on YouTube - Step by Step


Module 4: Creating a YouTube account
Module 5: YouTube walk through
Module 6: YouTube channels
Module 7: YouTube creator studio walk through
Module 8: Start advertising on YouTube
Module 9: Video marketing tips to consider


Section 3: Advanced YouTube Marketing Strategies


Module 10: YouTube partner program
Module 11: Live streaming with YouTube
Module 12: Smart ways to get more subscribers on YouTube
Module 13: How to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing
Module 14: How to get YouTube videos ranked
Module 15: Using the YouTube trending feed for market research
Module 16: YouTube for developers


Section 4: Additional Tips to consider


Module 17: Do's and don’ts
Module 18: Premium tools and services to consider
Module 19: Shocking case studies
Module 20: Frequently asked questions


 Opportunities for businesses are bigger than ever with YouTube, as they can showcase their videos to engaging and very large numbers of audiences. From established to newbies, from startups to mid-sized enterprises, everyone is using YouTube to attract more and more visitors and convert them into lifetime paying customers.

Course 4 - Linkedin Marketing

Tap into the world’s largest

professional networking site

to grow your business

and get highly targeted leads

without making any extra efforts


  • Connect with precisely targeted professional audience

  • Launch new products and services in an ideal marketplace

  • Connect easily with vendors, future partners and clients

  • Make the most out of affiliate marketing with no efforts

  • Convert your contacts into loyal customers


Here’s a brief insight into the 20 Modules info-packed training:


Section 1: LinkedIn Marketing Basics


Module 1: What is LinkedIn all about?
Module 2: What LinkedIn can do for your Business?
Module 3: Shocking LinkedIn Marketing Facts to Consider
Module 4: LinkedIn Walkthrough

Section 2: LinkedIn Business Solutions

Module 5: Talent Solutions
Module 6: Market Solutions
Module 7: Sales Solutions
Module 8: Learning Solutions


Section 3: Marketing on LinkedIn – Step by Step


Module 9: LinkedIn Company Pages
Module 10: LinkedIn Groups
Module 11: Advertise on LinkedIn
Module 12: Smart Ways to Get Leads on LinkedIn
Module 13: How to do Affiliate Marketing on LinkedIn
Module 14: Using the LinkedIn Feed for Market Research
Module 15: Small business resources to help you get more out of LinkedIn
Module 16: Going Premium with LinkedIn


Section 4: Additional Tips to consider


Module 17: Do's and Don’ts
Module 18: Premium tools and services to consider
Module 19: Shocking case studies
Module 20: Frequently asked questions


 This easy to understand training will help you to tap into 500 Million users and supply you with the most accurate information needed to easily reach out to widely scattered customers and boost your profits.

These methods are tried and tested and...

They work today...
will work tomorrow...
and will work for months and years to come...

Course 5-  Instagram Marketing


This is your Ultimate Chance to Boost Leads, Sales, and Profits by Driving Tons of Targeted Visitors to Any Offer in Any Niche with Instagram Marketing...


  • Increase awareness for your offers

  • Establish trust and credibility

  • Showcase your upcoming offers to a larger audience

  • Reach your targeted base

  • Build a customer loyalty that comes back repeatedly

  • Increase profit from your marketing efforts


This Is Some Of What Is Included In This 20 Module Course:


Section 1: Instagram Marketing Basics


  • Chapter 1: What is Instagram all about?

  • Chapter 2: What can Instagram do for your Business?

  • Chapter 3: Shocking Instagram Marketing Facts to Consider

  • Chapter 4: Instagram Walkthrough


Section 2: Marketing on Instagram – Step by Step


  • Chapter 5: Set up Instagram for business

  • Chapter 6: Your Instagram business settings

  • Chapter 7: Posting and Sharing

  • Chapter 8: Instagram Stories

  • Chapter 9: Instagram Advertising

  • Chapter 10: Types of Instagram Ads


Section 3: Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies


  • Chapter 11: Instagram Insights

  • Chapter 12: Instagram Microblogging for maximum reach

  • Chapter 13: Shooting great marketing videos on Instagram

  • Chapter 14: Snapping great marketing pictures on Instagram

  • Chapter 15: Advanced Instagram marketing tips from the experts

  • Chapter 16: Using Instagram DIRECT for killer engagement


Section 4: Additional Tips to consider


  • Chapter 17: Do's and Don’ts

  • Chapter 18: Premium Tools and Services to Consider

  • Chapter 19: Shocking Case Studies

  • Chapter 20: Frequently Asked Questions

This step-by-step, training will teach how to showcase your products and services easily and get you long-term benefits. You can also capture attention of your target audience faster and easier, and build long term profitable connections with them.

Course 6- Pinterest Marketing


These very easy to follow steps

are more than enough for you

to get the most out of Pinterest.



  • You don't have to worry about wasting your time.

  • You don't have to worry about ineffective strategies.

  • You don’t have to worry about wasting your money. 


You will be able to quickly and safely grow a huge army of potential clients or customers 100% targeted to your business. 


This excellent course will take you by the hand and show you step by step, topic by topic and tool by tool what you really need to know in order to position your business on Pinterest the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time possible.


This Is A 9 Module Intense Course And Includes:


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: The History of Pinterest

Module 3: Why Pinterest?

Module 4: What exactly do you do on Pinterest?

Module 5: Steps to Pinterest Marketing Success

   Part 1: Pick your Topic… Identify your target market…
   Part 2: Create your Pinterest Account… the right one…
   Part 3: Optimize your Profile… for massive traffic…
   Part 4: Create your Boards… setting up your PMMM…
   Part 5: Pinning… getting the most out of it…

Module 6: Getting Followers… quickly and safely…

Module 7: Conclusion

Module 8: Resources

Module 9: Bonus- Get Your Work Done Professionally


After this course you can certainly say that you finally know the most effective strategies you need to apply in order to establish your brand on Pinterest and scale your business into a whole new level that will never be the same again.

Plus We Have Added These Bonuses

To The Members Area

Special Bonus 1


Facebook Ads 3.0




Harness the POWER of Facebook Ads to skyrocket your business success

Have a look at these stats that perfectly depict the tremendous potential in store for you:

* Three Million businesses actively advertise on Facebook
* Facebook ads have over 600 different targeting options
* 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads
* More than 1 Million Facebook advertisers create ads directly from a mobile device
* More than 2.5 Billion unique products have been uploaded to Facebook, and 440 Million people have viewed products in “Dynamic Ads” over the last three months

Surely, you would be dying of curiosity in order to achieve success

With the best use of this advertising monster. Now you can.

Special Bonus 2a



Social Media Domination







With almost everyone on social media, it’s no wonder more

and more businesses are diverting a lot of their marketing effort into it.

But where do you start?

Which platforms should you use in your business?

What are the best ways to use it?

Well, you’re in luck.

Here’s a brand new course called Social Media Domination:

that will show you the way

Special Bonus 3a



Social Traffic Rush




Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • You’ll uncover the power of organic Facebook posts as well as Facebook Ads, and how you can use both to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.
  • You’ll find out just how easy it is to go viral on Twitter!
  • You’ll discover the benefits of video marketing on YouTube, and how you can use this powerful platform to gain new subscribers and drive traffic to your site!
  • You’ll see why celebrities and VIPs are going gaga over Instagram. Nope, you don’t need to be a celeb to succeed on this platform. Many businesses have found massive success here!
  • You’ll understand why writers and bloggers love Medium. This popular blogging platform will help you in more ways than you can ever imagine.
  • You’ll learn the power of marketing on Reddit. It’s not exactly known as being a business-friendly site, but in the course, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to succeed on the platform!
  • You’ll uncover the benefits of answering questions on Quora and giving as much value as you possibly can.
  • You’ll find out why many marketers love Pinterest and how they use it to drive traffic to their website and landing pages!
  • You’ll see the benefits of marketing your content on both SlideShare and LinkedIn.
  • And so much more!
  • Follow the step-by-step strategies detailed in the course, and you’ll be on your way to getting a huge rush of social media traffic to you website!


Special Bonus 4a



Instagram Mastery







Instagram is the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform for Driving Targeted Buyer Traffic for Your Offers Without Investing a Fortune!
But, as they say, dreaming to be successful will never enable you to achieve your objectives.
What you need is step by step guidance that explains the latest and proven Instagram marketing techniques, and enables you to use them properly to get maximum benefits.
When you compare the quality of traffic and the lack of current competition when compared to other social networks, Instagram is really starting to turn heads.
You can also get generate highly targeted traffic for FREE or with very little investment.
And most importantly, you can reach out to widely scattered masses within a matter of seconds, and also cater to their interests.
Instagram Mastery!
This high quality info packed Training will help you to generate curiosity and build hype among your viewers in a fun and casual way and provide an attractive sneak-peek into your new and upcoming products.
You will also be able to discover the best timings for sending your snaps needed to get maximum results.

Special Bonus 5a



Facebook Live Authority







Want to start your own high ticket business?

"Discover How To Use Facebook LIVE To Attract More Customers, Build Your Brand And Make More Sales For Your Business"
In This Course, You'll Find Out The Steps To Getting Started And Making The Most Out of Facebook Live. This course is your field guide to the new frontier and contains everything you could possibly need to know to succeed.

You’ll learn not only the history of live video and its significance but also how to set up your own live content, how to build and grow your audience and how to ensure you achieve maximum engagement.

Special Bonus 6


51 Social Marketing Methods




Social media is the doorway to marketing to the masses and in recent times it has changed the game when it comes to driving traffic and building business. Investing in people and being social is now the way to free traffic and building your own brand for exponential growth.

It’s cheap, it’s easy and there are no so many ways to cash in in the online revolution of social media profits. It's not all work work work either. Some of the techniques can be implemented today for zero investment from you!


Special Bonus 7a



Social Media Marketing Boost










"Discover 100 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips
That Will Boost Your Following, Gain Authority And
Increase Engagement On Social Media..."
Keep This Handy Guide Handy!
There Are 100 Tips, Ways and Techniques You Can Look Over
Whenever You Need a Boost in Social Media!







Special Bonus 8


Use Social Networks To Build Your List







Tried and true methods for building your list using 

Social media as your market place


These are methods that are known

and some not so well known

but they all work and should

be used to your advantage

Special Bonus 9a



Facebook Remarketing

3.0 Made Easy










Still struggling to make the most from your website visitors?

This is your Ultimate Chance to Recapture Interested Leads
& Convert them into Lifetime Customers to Boost Profits without
spending much...

Now you too can take your business to the next level with the best
use of Facebook Remarketing...

  • Recapture interested leads back to your website
  • Present highly targeted ads to exactly the right people just for few pennies
  • Get higher conversions and click through rates
  • Create high converting Facebook Remarketing campaigns with ease
  • Easily track performance of your marketing campaign and get higher ROI
  • Reduce your marketing expenses considerably


Special Bonus 10












Now you can finaly learn to use Pinterest to its full potential.

Easy tips and tricks plus a full insight to the inner workings of Pinterest.

A must have for serious marketers.

          Let's recap what all is included:

                Course 1  A Successful Social Marketing Overview     

                Course 2   Facebook Marketing                                         

                Course 3  YouTube Marketing                                        

                Course 4  Linkedin Marketing                                         

                Course 5  Instagram Marketing                                     

                 Course 6- Pinterest Marketing 


                Special Bonus 1  Facebook Ads 3.0

                Special Bonus 2  Social Media Domination

                Special Bonus 3  Social Media Traffic

                Special Bonus 4  Instagram Mastery

                Special Bonus 5  Facebook Live Authority

                Special Bonus 6  51 Social Marketing Methods

                Special Bonus 7  Social Media Marketing Boost

                Special Bonus 8  Use Social Networks To Build Your List

                Special Bonus 9  Facebook Remarketing 3.0 Made Easy

                Special Bonus 10  Pinterest Power


These courses are all designed to get you on your way to your 

Social Media Marketing success!

"Happy Holidays"

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So Take Action Now Before This Discount Offer Expires

Social Marketing Genesis



P.S. Please read.

The difference between good content being used and content just sitting there?

Content that is just sitting there is as good as yesterday's news.

With "Social Marketing Genesis",  you'll learn how to market

on Social Media to generate buyer traffic and buyer leads that turn into sales.

All you need to do is, start the courses, do the same things learned and you

get the same results. It's that simple.

If you can follow simple directions, you're well on your journey to success.

So stay ahead of the pack and get an unfair advantage. 

If For Some Reason You Are Not Happy With Your Results,

Then You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee


Your Purchase Is Backed By A 100% ‘30-Day’ Satisfaction Guarantee!
We created "Social Marketing Genesis" as the 'go to' place for your internet marketing training needs. We know what it's like to be struggling without help or answers. This why we are dedicated to bringing you all the knowledge and help you need so you can learn at your own pace and achieve great results!
Not only do we promise a 30 day guarantee but we even guarantee that you will not find a better offer than this anywhere else!  Join today, learn and apply the techniques and if you can honestly say that you applied these methods and you're not getting better results, then contact us for a full and prompt refund. We'll close your account for you, and you will have still walked away with more knowledge then when you first started. That way you never lose a cent, and we don't lose out as a business.
But honestly, we know you'll love these programs. There's simply too much valuable information inside that it would cost you more to leave this deal behind. And we know you'll love this advanced training so much that you'll absolutely want to use these advanced methods for your successful social marketing efforts. Secure your spot now for instant access and we'll look forward to seeing you inside the members area!